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Who we are?

Who we are?

Runnavy with Eco-friendly recycled material as their primary product line, is a pioneer in production material in Viet Nam. Aiming for communities whose concern lies not only in their own family safety but also in the conservation of the environment, the ecosystem, and the origin of their products. We are proud to contribute a small part to the environment with our business and it overjoyed us that you are here to read this.


Any special design of Runnavy?

Design created by Runnavy do not follow the “Fast fashion” trend, it required lots of time to design to the detail, run product tests, and fit form repeatedly so that each and every product will receive the utmost attention to aesthetic and pattern. The sustainable fabric source was also developed and carefully tested before approval for the production line. We do everything we can so that Runnavy products would last for a long time, every time you open your wardrobe, you can’t keep your eyes off these legging bras.


Natural Eco-friendly material

Normal training suits and clothes are made from oil synthetic fiber, using chemical and machine which emit tons of CO2 emission to the environment. Recycled product from Run Navy use material created from plastic water bottles and used fishnets:, which help solve 3 problems

Reduce plastic waste to the environment, which could take around 450 - 1000 years to decompose otherwise!

Recycled fabric from water bottles - PET plastics are safe for packaging drinking water are likewise healthy for the skin. This also eliminates the need for extra chemicals in clothing which residue could affect the health of the wearer.

Run Navy’s fabric are inspected and certified RECYCLED and OEKO-TEX100: world leading recognise certificate for fabric with no chemical toxic for human body.


Natural Eco-friendly material