Information security policy

Commitment to the security of customer’s personal information

- The buyer’s information on the website is guaranteed to absolute protection following preestablished personal information security protocol. The gather and usage of the customer information are only allowed with the consent of the customer, except cases where the law required otherwise.

- We use Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) software to protect customer information during data transfer by cryptic your input information.

- Buyers have the responsibility to protect themself from password leak through using a computer shared with many people. When using a shared computer, please make sure to log out from our service after usage.
- We are obliged to not give away customer information, to not sell or share information for marketing purposes.
- In a situation that the main storage server is hacked leading to loss of customer information, we have the duty to inform the customer and the police to investigate and find a solution.
- The management team require all registered member to provide fully related personal information such as name, contact address, email and take responsibility for the legality of that information. The management team does not responsible for and resolve all complaint regarding customer right if determined that all informations provided when register are untruthful.

Intention and type of gathered information
- The main data that is collected on the website include name, email, mobile number, address. These are necessary information that we need to deliver the product or to ensure customers right when register.
- Customers will take full responsibility for the security and storage of every service activity under the registered name, password, and email. Additionally, members should inform us in-time of any illegal activity or usage, and violation of the security of registered name and password of a third party so we can come up with an appropriate response.


Customer’s personal information usage

We use the information provided by the customer to:
- Provide services to customers, for example sending packages to the customer address.
- Send notices about information trading activities between the customer and the website.
- Prevent any destruction action toward customer account or signs of fake account.
- Contact and resolve special situations with the customer.
- Does not use customer personal information for any reason aside from confirmation and contact related to actions at the website.
- In situations that are required by the law, we have the duty to cooperate and provide customer personal information when demand by the judicial body which includes: procuracy, court, police investigating customer’s illegal activities.


Customer’s personal information storing period

- Customer personal data will be stored until there is a canceling request. Otherwise, customer personal data will always be secured on the website’s main server. In case the personal information is believed to be fake, violating regulations, or lack of interacting log in after 60 days then said information will be deleted.


Customer’s personal information access

- Information we required from buyers will only be used within section 2 of the policy. Including customer service and providing for the judicial body with authority.
- Information of buyers will not be disclosed to any third party without the confirmation of the buyer.

Method and tool for users to access and change personal data.

- Buyers have the right to check, access, change or delete any personal information by themself by logging into the account on the website, and use the changing function to adjust or remove personal data. Or send a support request.
- Buyers can file a complaint regarding the leak of any information to a third party to the admin of the website. When approaching these complaints, we would reconfirm the information, we have the responsibility to give reasons and guide members to restore and establish more information security.


System to receive and solve complaint regarding personal information

- When customers send their personal information to us, the customer had agreed with the policies listed above, we guarantee to protect customer’s personal information in every way we can. We use an encrypted system to protect information from unwanted access, usage, or disclosure.
- We recommend customers to keep your password related information secure and do not share it with anyone else.
- In a situation that there are complaints about personal information request for a reason other than those listed above, we will proceed to resolve it follow these steps:

Step 1: Customer sends complaints about information collect for reasons other than those listed.
Step 2: The customer service department receives and resolves the complaint with all related parties.
Step 3: In case the situation got out of control, we will request the case to bodies with suitable authority to resolve

We would appreciate any and all constructive criticisms, contacts, and comments from customers regarding the “Security policy”. If you have any question related, please contact us through the email address